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Thursday, 13 November 2003
TIME MAG Nov. 3, 2003 'Are we giving kids too many drugs?'
This is quite an interesting concept. The key here is that we are giving our kids DRUGS! In a nation thats moto is 'say no to drugs' we are drugging our children in the name of Health care.

These kids never get the cause corrected, they just get the symptom depressed and then they get side effects to deal with. But as the article pointed out what are the long term side effects? Well we now know that kids that have been on Ritalin (an aphetimine) are having heart attacks in their teens.

What can you do to correct behavior problems besides drugging? Find out what is causing them. Are they emotional or physical or chemical? And face the fact that a chemical imbalance is not corrected by anything but supplying or removing the chemical that is causing the symptom.

There are tecniques out here that can do just that find and remove or find and supply what is needed. They are Alternatives to DRUGS. They are different and they are not well known, but still the same, they are out here for the seeker to find and use. Yes doing the correct thing takes more work than popping a pill into our kids mouths. Maybe it means not feeeding them the food that is causing the symptom or taking them to a Chiropractor and having them get an adjustment to their upper cervical spine, or maybe it means taking pills of minerals, vitamins, or herbs, but it sure doesnt include giving them DRUGS.

The basic principal of Health has been lost somewhere in the years of Pharmecutical spin as Health care. Please read this site and see what Healthcare really is.

Posted by yesmamm at 10:38 AM PST

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