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Wednesday, 24 March 2004
As a Doctor of Chiropractic for more than half my life now, I have, and I'm a woman, gotten more than a hundred woman pregnant. Not realising that this could happen I still got these woman, who had tried everything Medical to get pregnant, to be pregnant after a month or two having spinal adjustments.

Usually they came in for headaches or low back pain or leg pain. While correcting these symptoms their bodies became receptive and able to conceive.

Many of these woman told other woman and they began to come because they couldn't get pregnant. I adjusted them just where they were out of alignment and low and behold they got pregnant within a couple of months.

One time this did not work for Mrs I. she had tried to get pregnant for 8 years and had adopted a child, not until her husband had a ski accident and came in for treatment of his low back did she get pregnant. So now I request both parties to come in and get adjusted.

I recently read an article that 15 infertile woman were treated by a Chiropractic Doctor and 14 of the them concieved.

That has also been my experience. These odds for a simple technique used in Chiropractic clinics everywhere, if you or a loved one seemes to be infertile, just go see a Chiropractor. Read the web site to understand more about why this works and the risks people are taking...taking Medical drugs.

We know drugs are not the answer, if Chiropractic adjustments work this frequently, the answer is that the body is a self healing machine if the Nervous System is working optimally.

yes MAMM

Posted by yesmamm at 8:19 PM PST
Updated: Saturday, 21 August 2004 6:47 AM PDT

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