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Thursday, 13 August 2009
Drink your Greens!!!
Mood:  happy
Topic: Natural Health Care

 Let's be clear, green superfoods such as green barley and wheat grass can no longer be categorized only within the domains of 'alternative health' and 'hippie foods'. Nutritional science has conclusively shown that leafy greens are the most important foods for avoiding disease and maintaining optimum health. The sad fact is that only a very small percentage of the population is consuming anywhere near adequate quantities of green foods. The solution is simple - DRINK YOUR GREENS!

 Please DO NOT think of our organic Green Barley and Wheat Grass in the same terms as tiny shoots grown in shallow trays under artificial light. The juice from these shoots is nutritionally inferior when compared to our green food powders.

 Our green foods are organically grown in the pristine, unpolluted environment of South-Eastern Australia. Under full sun, root systems extend metres into the rich volcanic soils, supplying nutrients to the young plants. Shoots are harvested at their nutritional peak then dried at body temperature within an hour of harvest to prevent nutrient loss. The green barley and wheatgrass is ground without the use of heat or friction by a world's first powdering method (patent pending), resulting in a new generation microfine powder, enabling all nutrients to be accessed by the digestive system.

 Our green barley and wheat grass are NOT juice extract confections, but true WHOLEFOODS - the foods our digestive systems were designed to ingest. Popular green barley and wheat grass juice extracts often contain added sugars and stabilizers and are processed using heat and chemicals, deactivating important enzymes.

Posted by yesmamm at 3:07 AM PDT
Saturday, 22 November 2008
Hospital mistakes investigation report
Mood:  surprised

CBS2 Investigation Uncovers Hospital Mistakes

LOS ANGELES (CBS) Medical mistakes at hospitals have been kept a dark secret, but we're ready to expose what really goes on in the O.R. Investigative reporter David Goldstein has obtained state files detailing the most serious medical errors.

"That's where they went in and removed the sponges."

From sponges left after an operation.

"His words -- I won't forget them -- he said, 'there's a foreign object in you and we think it might be a sponge.'"

"I don't want to talk about this."

To a baby mistakenly aborted.

"They said there was nothing they could do. It was a misdiagnosis and a mistake."

"This is the knee I originally had pain in and this is the knee they operated on."

To an operation on the wrong limb.

"I was really dumbfounded how a mistake like this could be made."

These are some of the things that never should occur in hospitals, but we uncovered case after case… after case happening at an alarming rate.

"It tells us that these errors are rampant in our hospital system."

It's a secret California hospitals have kept under wraps forever. But in July of last year, the medical centers were ordered by the state to report the worst types of medical mistakes. We've obtained copies of some of those incidents.

We found 172 cases statewide of foreign objects left in patients, 28 instances of surgery performed on the wrong body part and 13 cases of the wrong surgical procedure performed on a patient; all totaled -- 1,224 medical errors over 12 months. That is an average of more than 100 a month.

We'll tell you the hospitals with the most errors in our area in just a moment.

There are 27 categories of mistakes called the "never 27."

"The 27 items should never occur because patients are harmed when they do."

Take the case of Robbie Munoz. This aspiring boxer went to St. Joseph's Hospital in Orange for arthroscopic surgery on his knee.

"The knee that I had pain in was the left knee."

The nurse even put her initials above his left knee before the operation. But Munoz awoke to find a bandage on his right knee. The doctor made a mistake.

"I didn't really believe that something like this could happen until it happened to me."

St. Joseph's reported the incident to the state as required by law. Investigators determined the violation was likely to cause serious injury or death. They were fined the maximum --$25,000. But apparently not all hospitals comply with the rules.
Safiya Baidi was eight weeks pregnant when doctors at California Hospital in downtown L.A. aborted her baby when they thought it was developing outside the womb.

Further testing showed the doctor was wrong. A nurse broke the news.

"She finally told me it was misdiagnosed and mistake. And doctor finally showed up and I said, 'are you sure?' I was devastated."

Ed Ornelas still wipes away tears when he thinks of almost dying from an emergency appendectomy. But this retired LAPD officer had to undergo another surgery after doctors realized they left five sponges inside.

"I was upset, scared, I just couldn't understand how a doctor -- a professional -- could do that."

It happened at South Coast Medical Center in Laguna Beach. But the hospital never reported it to the state, as they are required by law. Neither did California Hospital. State health officials are now investigating after we brought it to their attention.

Critics say for that reason, hospitals can't be trusted.

"It's sort of like telling a driver, 'If you get caught speeding, write a check and send it in.'"

Here's what we uncovered looking at the 27 categories. The hospitals with the most medical mistakes in our area:

  • San Antonio Community Hospital in Upland -- 5 mistakes 
  • Hoag Memorial in Newport Beach -- 5 mistakes
  • Olive View-UCLA in Sylmar -- 4 mistakes
  • Saddleback Memorial in Laguna Hills -- 4 mistakes

These are only the ones that have been confirmed. But there are hundreds more medical mistakes in Southern California that are still being investigated.

"I think people are shocked to find out hospitals are so dangerous."

If you want to look up your hospital go to our website. We have every confirmed case of medical mistakes reported by all our area hospitals over the past year.

 Response From Hospitals

(© MMVIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Full article and info can be found at


Posted by yesmamm at 11:23 AM PST
Updated: Saturday, 22 November 2008 11:48 AM PST
Monday, 24 October 2005
Do you practice Healthcare?
Most people do not understand what Healthcare really is. Medical Health Care is not Healthcare.
With Medical Health Care people wait until they are ill at ease to go to the MD and get drugs to treat their symptoms, Healthcare is what you do to preserve your Health.

If you are like the majority of people you are brainwashed to believe waiting until you are sick and taking drugs is Healthcare, it is not. Taking drugs to stop symptoms is not Healthcare it is symptom treatment and always includes side effects.

What preserves Health and creates ease? The number one thing people can do to preserve their health is to have a healthy diet...but most people do not know what a healthy diet is, and it does not include hamburgers french fries and sodas, and it does include taking vitamins and mineral suppliments, and using herbs and homeopathic remedies to treat symptoms.

The next number one thing to do to preserve health is to have spinal alignment and integrity. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and recommend spinal manipulation by a qualified Chiropractic Doctor, but there are many things you can do to keep your spine in alignment, exercise, stretching, massage, and proper nutrition and emotional stability.

This country is a very ill bunch of folks, headaches, back pain, diabetes, ashma, allergies, autism, cancer, arthritis and the list goes on and on, respiratory illness, heart dis-ease, hormonal imbalance. This is a toxic nation, chemicals abound in our air and water and food, people have liver disfunction, osteoporosis and on and on.

Please think out of the box and save your Health and the Health of your family and love ones, there are products and services out that do not do any harm they will correct the problems cause and not create any more problems.

I have not used Medical Health Care for 30 years, and see that I do not have the problems that my peers have after having drug and surgery intervention for symptoms I have had and gotten rid of using Chiropractic (kiniseology), Acupuncture,
and Nutrition (Homeopathy and Herbs) and Emotional clearing (NET). I practice Healthcare and show others how to practice Healthcare.

Please read this site and gain the wisdom of 30 years of investigation into alternatives to Medical Health Care....Healthcare. Dr. Baird

Posted by yesmamm at 6:36 PM PDT
Thursday, 10 February 2005
A Functional Health Drink
There is now a product on the market that is written up in scientific literature to be
anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory,and an extremely high anti-oxident to name a few of its healing properties...I have now been distributing this product for 4 months and have had almost miraculous results in myself and my clients, if you are at all into prevention, this may be the product for you. I highly recommend it to my family and clients.information site

Posted by yesmamm at 10:25 AM PST
Updated: Thursday, 10 February 2005 10:26 AM PST
Wednesday, 11 August 2004
What do you think Healthcare means?
Every day I hear the most bizzare answers to this question, mainly the answer is 'wait til you get sick and then go to the doctor and get a prescription'.

This is so far from what the definition of Healthcare is.

Why don't people understand what Healthcare is? People are constantly brainwashed by the Pharmiceutical Company advertisements, and well meaning friends and family, with poor knowledge of Healthcare, brainwashed by the same information.

Healthcare is the preservation of Health, it is all the things people can do to stay Healthy, not what people do to treat symptoms when they are un-healthy.

The #1 thing peoole can do to be Healthy is to have their Nervous System working optimally....

Ever wonder why there is a Chiropractor on every corner? Because Chiropractic works to unblock nerve flow to the organs and tissues.

Take you Power Back, say NO to drugs. Become one of the Millions Against Medical Madness, learn how your body really works. Take responsibility for your Health and Care about your body and treat it with love and appreciation, for your body is a Self healing machine, the mobil home for the Spirit, made in the image and likeness of God (Good) and all thing are possible. If the body created an illness, it can uncreate it with the changes in lifestyle it needs to be healthy.

Really understand the information presented on this site and learn how your body works...I hope this website is a blessing to you on your path to better health. Dr. Baird

Posted by yesmamm at 8:54 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 31 August 2004 7:48 AM PDT
Sunday, 18 April 2004
Death by Medicine, by Gary Null and ass.
This article supports all that Millions Against Medical Madness wants to get across.

The sad truth that our Medical Health Care system is killing Millions in the name of Health Care.

There can be no gap between Health and Care...people have to start practicing Healthcare, not waiting until they are sick and then using Medical Drugs to treat the symptoms.

Drugs are dangerous, Medical or not, read the fine print, do you hear the possible side effects of the drugs now on commercial TV...some of them tell you you could die taking them or worse yet get liver damage, respiratory damage or kidney damage, and have to live with those symptoms for the rest of your life.

Please take the time and read the article at life extension Death by Medicine article at Life Extension by Gary Null

Posted by yesmamm at 12:21 PM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 21 August 2004 6:40 AM PDT
Wednesday, 24 March 2004
As a Doctor of Chiropractic for more than half my life now, I have, and I'm a woman, gotten more than a hundred woman pregnant. Not realising that this could happen I still got these woman, who had tried everything Medical to get pregnant, to be pregnant after a month or two having spinal adjustments.

Usually they came in for headaches or low back pain or leg pain. While correcting these symptoms their bodies became receptive and able to conceive.

Many of these woman told other woman and they began to come because they couldn't get pregnant. I adjusted them just where they were out of alignment and low and behold they got pregnant within a couple of months.

One time this did not work for Mrs I. she had tried to get pregnant for 8 years and had adopted a child, not until her husband had a ski accident and came in for treatment of his low back did she get pregnant. So now I request both parties to come in and get adjusted.

I recently read an article that 15 infertile woman were treated by a Chiropractic Doctor and 14 of the them concieved.

That has also been my experience. These odds for a simple technique used in Chiropractic clinics everywhere, if you or a loved one seemes to be infertile, just go see a Chiropractor. Read the web site to understand more about why this works and the risks people are taking...taking Medical drugs.

We know drugs are not the answer, if Chiropractic adjustments work this frequently, the answer is that the body is a self healing machine if the Nervous System is working optimally.

yes MAMM

Posted by yesmamm at 8:19 PM PST
Updated: Saturday, 21 August 2004 6:47 AM PDT
Thursday, 4 December 2003
An educational cartoon
This is a must see.Be prepared

Posted by yesmamm at 10:33 AM PST
Wednesday, 26 November 2003
This is long, but a must read if you are one of the Millions Against Medical Madness
Dr. Mercola has some of the best info on the web on Medicine and Alternatives, this article is very well documented, please take the time and read it all.

Death by Medicine part 1

Posted by yesmamm at 5:30 PM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 26 November 2003 5:33 PM PST
Saturday, 22 November 2003
ROLLING STONE Special Collectors Issue
This is a very important Magazine to purchase this month. The title is '500 greatest albums of all times' however that is not the important part of this magazine, what is the most significant article in the magazine is the article by Robert F.Kennedy Jr."BUSH'S CRIMES AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT'.

If you or one of your loved ones are ill...thank our President, he has so undermined the environment that it takes real work to stay healthy now.

Just the info about the 'Mercury in our fish supply'
should get you on our product Activated Charcoal, because in the research it absorbs 100 times its weight of mercury. Anyways just pick up this incredible article and read it and weep. Better yet, do something to stop the Madness.

If you only read this page do yourself a favor and read the site, it is loaded with very important information about your health and the health of your loved ones and what you can do to help it be better.

An article in the New York Times stated, "Scientists have found the first evidence of an anatomical connection between the nervous system and the immune system. (Chiropractic has known this for over a century now). Nerve cell endings in the skin and white blood cells of the immune system are in intimate contact, and chemicals secreted by the nerves can shut down immune system cells nearby."The New York Times author was describing the findings of a paper written by Hosoi et al.
Kolata G.Nerve Cells Tied to Immune System, New York Times May 13, 1993 (Why has it taken so long?)
Hosoi J. Murgph GF. Egan CI, Lerner EA, Grabbe S. Asahima A. Granstein RD, Regulation of Langerhans cells function by nervescontaining calcitonin gene-related peptide Nature 1993 363(6425):159./Medline ID:93247638

Posted by yesmamm at 9:13 AM PST

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