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M.A.M.M. Blog
Sunday, 18 April 2004
Death by Medicine, by Gary Null and ass.
This article supports all that Millions Against Medical Madness wants to get across.

The sad truth that our Medical Health Care system is killing Millions in the name of Health Care.

There can be no gap between Health and Care...people have to start practicing Healthcare, not waiting until they are sick and then using Medical Drugs to treat the symptoms.

Drugs are dangerous, Medical or not, read the fine print, do you hear the possible side effects of the drugs now on commercial TV...some of them tell you you could die taking them or worse yet get liver damage, respiratory damage or kidney damage, and have to live with those symptoms for the rest of your life.

Please take the time and read the article at life extension Death by Medicine article at Life Extension by Gary Null

Posted by yesmamm at 12:21 PM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 21 August 2004 6:40 AM PDT
Wednesday, 24 March 2004
As a Doctor of Chiropractic for more than half my life now, I have, and I'm a woman, gotten more than a hundred woman pregnant. Not realising that this could happen I still got these woman, who had tried everything Medical to get pregnant, to be pregnant after a month or two having spinal adjustments.

Usually they came in for headaches or low back pain or leg pain. While correcting these symptoms their bodies became receptive and able to conceive.

Many of these woman told other woman and they began to come because they couldn't get pregnant. I adjusted them just where they were out of alignment and low and behold they got pregnant within a couple of months.

One time this did not work for Mrs I. she had tried to get pregnant for 8 years and had adopted a child, not until her husband had a ski accident and came in for treatment of his low back did she get pregnant. So now I request both parties to come in and get adjusted.

I recently read an article that 15 infertile woman were treated by a Chiropractic Doctor and 14 of the them concieved.

That has also been my experience. These odds for a simple technique used in Chiropractic clinics everywhere, if you or a loved one seemes to be infertile, just go see a Chiropractor. Read the web site to understand more about why this works and the risks people are taking...taking Medical drugs.

We know drugs are not the answer, if Chiropractic adjustments work this frequently, the answer is that the body is a self healing machine if the Nervous System is working optimally.

yes MAMM

Posted by yesmamm at 8:19 PM PST
Updated: Saturday, 21 August 2004 6:47 AM PDT
Thursday, 4 December 2003
An educational cartoon
This is a must see.Be prepared

Posted by yesmamm at 10:33 AM PST
Wednesday, 26 November 2003
This is long, but a must read if you are one of the Millions Against Medical Madness
Dr. Mercola has some of the best info on the web on Medicine and Alternatives, this article is very well documented, please take the time and read it all.

Death by Medicine part 1

Posted by yesmamm at 5:30 PM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 26 November 2003 5:33 PM PST
Saturday, 22 November 2003
ROLLING STONE Special Collectors Issue
This is a very important Magazine to purchase this month. The title is '500 greatest albums of all times' however that is not the important part of this magazine, what is the most significant article in the magazine is the article by Robert F.Kennedy Jr."BUSH'S CRIMES AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT'.

If you or one of your loved ones are ill...thank our President, he has so undermined the environment that it takes real work to stay healthy now.

Just the info about the 'Mercury in our fish supply'
should get you on our product Activated Charcoal, because in the research it absorbs 100 times its weight of mercury. Anyways just pick up this incredible article and read it and weep. Better yet, do something to stop the Madness.

If you only read this page do yourself a favor and read the site, it is loaded with very important information about your health and the health of your loved ones and what you can do to help it be better.

An article in the New York Times stated, "Scientists have found the first evidence of an anatomical connection between the nervous system and the immune system. (Chiropractic has known this for over a century now). Nerve cell endings in the skin and white blood cells of the immune system are in intimate contact, and chemicals secreted by the nerves can shut down immune system cells nearby."The New York Times author was describing the findings of a paper written by Hosoi et al.
Kolata G.Nerve Cells Tied to Immune System, New York Times May 13, 1993 (Why has it taken so long?)
Hosoi J. Murgph GF. Egan CI, Lerner EA, Grabbe S. Asahima A. Granstein RD, Regulation of Langerhans cells function by nervescontaining calcitonin gene-related peptide Nature 1993 363(6425):159./Medline ID:93247638

Posted by yesmamm at 9:13 AM PST
Thursday, 13 November 2003
The sign of the times
Your Pooch, Pesticides And Parkinson's

by Victoria

Marsha Morgan, a researcher at the EPA's National Exposure
Research Laboratory at North Carolina published the
findings of a recent study she performed a few months ago.

Morgan was comparing the levels of pesticides in freshly
treated lawns to indoor levels. She found that a family
of four with a dog had 50 times higher levels of diazinon
inside the house and in the carpet than the outside
levels. The pesticide residues on the paws of the dog
were 55 to 250 times higher than levels found in the home
than that found in the yard. The dogs are tracking the
pesticides from the yard right into the house.

Think about all the chemicals that we and the dogs are
carrying into our homes. Our exposure to pesticides has
never been greater and just small amounts of these deadly
chemicals can cause great problems in the body.

Parkinson's has been linked to pesticides and this disease
is becoming more and more common.

A study from Denmark showed that individuals working in
agriculture and horticulture had a high risk of developing
Parkinson's disease.

Another study linked the use of herbicides and pesticides
in California to an increased risk of Parkinson's Disease.
California uses 250 million pounds of pesticides annually
and this is about one-fourth of all the pesticides used in
the U.S. Researchers have concluded that the incidence of
Parkinson's was significantly greater in countries where
chemicals are being used.

There are other studies that have confirmed that
pesticides are directly related to Parkinson's.

The bottom line is this: When you expose yourself to
pesticides, whether in your garden or by tracking them
into your home, you increase your risk of disease.

One more reason to use organic gardening methods and
especially to eat organic foods. The next time you think
you cannot afford the extra money for organic, think

Posted by yesmamm at 11:11 AM PST
TIME MAG Nov. 3, 2003 'Are we giving kids too many drugs?'
This is quite an interesting concept. The key here is that we are giving our kids DRUGS! In a nation thats moto is 'say no to drugs' we are drugging our children in the name of Health care.

These kids never get the cause corrected, they just get the symptom depressed and then they get side effects to deal with. But as the article pointed out what are the long term side effects? Well we now know that kids that have been on Ritalin (an aphetimine) are having heart attacks in their teens.

What can you do to correct behavior problems besides drugging? Find out what is causing them. Are they emotional or physical or chemical? And face the fact that a chemical imbalance is not corrected by anything but supplying or removing the chemical that is causing the symptom.

There are tecniques out here that can do just that find and remove or find and supply what is needed. They are Alternatives to DRUGS. They are different and they are not well known, but still the same, they are out here for the seeker to find and use. Yes doing the correct thing takes more work than popping a pill into our kids mouths. Maybe it means not feeeding them the food that is causing the symptom or taking them to a Chiropractor and having them get an adjustment to their upper cervical spine, or maybe it means taking pills of minerals, vitamins, or herbs, but it sure doesnt include giving them DRUGS.

The basic principal of Health has been lost somewhere in the years of Pharmecutical spin as Health care. Please read this site and see what Healthcare really is.

Posted by yesmamm at 10:38 AM PST
Monday, 10 November 2003

Well I've heard this saying many times, but is ignorance bliss? A young mother came in today with her 3 month infant son, she said that the baby only had 1 bowel movement a week. I was shocked. She then said she was concerned so she asked her Medical Doctor if this was normal, to my amazement he told her it was normal for the baby to only go every 1 or 2 weeks, this is Medical Madness. She felt better now that her Doctor told her that that was normal. Ignorance, ignoring the truth is not bliss in this case, she now lives with a gassy stinky billious and cranky infant, that she gives tylenal to just so she can sleep a bit at night because he is so upset. This is not normal it may be average these days to have a baby that doesnt have a bowel movement but every 1-2 weeks but it is not normal.

What the heck is going on here? are we that stupid? No. But we are that ignorant. Too busy to face the fact that we are sick, very sick. The drug industry Spin Doctors have baffled us with bullshit. This is BS. The way we are living and eating is killing us by the thousands, and the Health care system of America is literally killing 100s of thousands per year with 'properly prescribed drugs' in hospitals,this is now concidered the 4th leading cause of death in the USA 'properly prescribed drugs, the key word here if DRUGS and this is BS.

It is very hard to know the truth, and sit in a resterant and hear the stories people tell of their health care, drugs and surgery, and their losses of loved ones. Everywhere I go I hear people telling the B S as if it were truth. it is not! If you are taking prescriptions, over the counter 'DRUGS' you are taking drugs. You are not practicing Healthcare, you are using Medical Health care, something that is the farthest away from taking care of Health as possible.

Healthcare is what a person does to prevent the need for Medical crisis care. Drugs and Surgery do not create Health or Quality of life maybe quantity for awhile but at what cost?

This great and magnificent body of ours, made in the image and likeness of God, is a self healing machine, look at what it withstands in the name of Health care treatment.

All the parts were put there for a reason, poisoning them or cutting them out in the name of Health is ludicris.

This is a sad day for the world and America is infecting it all with its Spin Doctors of the Pharmiceutical industry. I just recently had a patient tell me that they heard an add on TV for a drug that one of the side effects could be Death. If you are reading this you are one of the few that are waking up to this knowledge, I praise you it is not easy to go against the Medical monopoly in this world, watch out for well meaning friends and loved ones that are brainwashed and force you into drug therapy and surgery to save you life. We are fighting an uphill battle and have to stand strong.

Take your Power back...say NO to DRUGS!

Posted by yesmamm at 7:38 PM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 11 November 2003 8:56 AM PST
Tuesday, 14 October 2003
Health care costs play big part in Ca. strikes
This could be a wake up call to all Americans
The Medical model of Health care is failing,
costs a skyrocketing and it is just not working.

These strikes are because of the high cost of Medical Health care...drugs, surgery, expensive and invasive tests. This Medical approach is not Health care it is dis-ease treatment.

Healthcare is what a person does to prevent the need for Medical care.

"Major sticking points include proposed lower level pay and benefit packages for newly hired workers and a requirement for workers to share in the rising cost of health care. Employers currently pay 100 percent of health-care expenses for union employees and their families -- a cost that has jumped more than 50 percent in the last four years, supermarket representatives say."

This is from an article in the San Luis
site from the Tribune.

When we understnd that Medicine does not provide true Healthcare...caring for the body and not harming it...we can revamp this big mistake and cancel out the lies with truth.

This body of ours is a self healing machine and with proper fuel and maintenance can be dis-ease free.

Posted by yesmamm at 8:36 AM PDT
Monday, 13 October 2003

Posted by yesmamm at 9:36 PM PDT

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