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Iosol information and purchase

Thyroid Health, Skin Health, Metabolism, Cardiovascular health & Energy.

Essential trace minerals such as iodine use to have a natural ecosystem supply route to replenish soils of the earth. Iodine came from the ocean. The wind carried iodine over the earth. When it rained trace minerals were deposited and absorbed into the soil. The amount of iodine in the diet varied depending upon the amount of iodine present in the soil in which plants grow or which animal's grazed. Even back as far as the 1930's iodine carried by the wind was depleted when it arrived to the middle of the United States. This region became known as the Goiter Belt. This epidemic forced the U.S. Government to promote iodine as an essential nutrient to be added primarily to salt to combat the terrible disease known as goiter. Iosol originally was named Ioaquasol. Io was for iodine, aqua for water, and sol for solubility. This formula has been in constant use since the early 1940's. Today more nutrition-oriented health care doctors, pharmacies and health-food stores use this formula as a dietary thyroid support. Iosol is often used successfully when other herbs, dulse, kelp and sodium/potassium iodides don't work. Iosol is a high potency iodine and can be used with impunity. Iosol is used in clinics as a dietary food supplement to raise the metabolism and support the thyroid. Iosol is nontoxic and water-soluble. Unlike a sodium or potassium iodide Iosol becomes a free iodine which is much easier to absorb and assimilate. The free iodine is the essential trace element which will help raise your metabolism and restore the electrical balance of the body. Iodine is an essential trace mineral necessary to make hormones which help maintain certain functions of regulating your metabolism.

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