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Information and products on Natural Alternatives to Pain management, Medication and Surgery
Welcome letter from Dr. Baird DC FIACA

     Hello and Welcome to my web site, whether you are a client of mine already or a visitor from the web I want to welcome you, I am Lisbeth Baird, I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic since 1976, and I personally have not used Medicine in the last 35 years.  

     I was 24 years old when I was in a severe rear-end car accident, the Medical professional that I sought care with told me I would never get use of my arm again and that I had 'irreparable nerve damage' and then he scheduled me for a therapeutic abortion, yes I was pregnant at the time of the accident, he then handed me 4 prescriptions for medications (drugs), one for pain, one for inflammation, one for muscle spasms and one for anxiety. My baby would have been harmed if I had taken all those prescription medicines.
     The Medical Doctor then told me that I would need to have physical therapy all my life to keep my arm from shriveling up, that I would never be able to function normally again. With taking all those medications, who could function normally? Maybe this is why you are now on my web site, I walked out of his Clinic, threw his prescriptions in the trash, and sought Chiropractic care.

     I never took one drug from the time of the accident and I never had 'physical therapy' except from the Doctor of Chiropractic, I got full use of my arm back and became a Doctor of Chiropractic so I could help others the way I had been helped, I also had my baby, he is now 34 years old.

     I learned that the Medical Doctor really believed what he was telling me, he really believed that I could never carry my baby to term and that my arm had irreparable nerve damage and that I really needed the drugs and physical therapy he prescribed for me.  But he was missing the truth about the body, if you correct the cause of the symptoms, the body is a self repairing machine. The cause of my symptoms was misalignment of the vertebra, torn ligaments, muscle spasms and inflammation caused by the trauma of being hit from behind while stopped in rush hour traffic, by a truck going 65 mph.

      It took me 2 years to get to the point that I had no more pain and full function back in my arm. Today after 35 years of investigating natural alternatives to medicine, I could have used products listed in this web site that you can use now. If I had known to use these natural alternative health products I would have speeded up my recovery and been well in a much shorter time.

      If I knew then what I know now, I would have used 'Trevinol', 'Formula 303' and 'DMSO' or MSM nutritionally. I also would have had Advanced Chiropractic techniques, I have learned, to reset my body to normal, TBM,  NET,  BEST,  Trigger point therapy and Reflexology.

     I pray that you stop the cause of your symptoms by using the information I have provided in this web site to support your body's healing ability and be Well. This site is about Remedies to correct the cause of your symptoms not just mask them. We provide specific products for specific symptoms, E-books that you can download now to start to relieve the cause of your specific issue, books and information, and Natural Alternative techniques used by thousands to help them alleviate their problem situation.

When you remove the cause of the symptom the body heals itself."

Dr. Lisbeth Baird D.C. , FIACA

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