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Information on Natural Alternatives to Viagra, Erectile dysfunction ED & Herbal male enhancement
Natural Alternatives to Viagra for Erectile dysfunction & loss of libido.

     This page offers you valuable information on natural remedy products for Impotence cures, male sexual performance and male enhancement. You will find natural alternatives to Viagra, Regalis, Cialis, Generika and Provigra.
     We will provide you with herbal alternatives, ED remedies & treatments with natural supplements such as Yohimbe and other natural erectile dysfunction products & herbal ED remedies. There are many beneficial natural products that are options for male issues that can help to improve virility and performance as well as increase sex drive.
The US National Institute of Health states

    "5% of men aged 40 and 25% of 65 year-old men experience some form of difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection"

          Top Five Herbal Alternatives to Viagra: Instead of Taking that Blue Pill, Eat a Herb for Natural, Immediate Benefits:

Viagra helps men battle the effects of Erectile Dysfunction on a daily basis, but there are also herbs that mimic Viagra's medicinal properties. These herbs don't have side effects like Viagra either, so it can be taken safely, quickly, and cheaply. Unlike Viagra also, herbs have other benefits that Viagra doesn't offer. These are four herbs that mimic the properties of Viagra, treating Erectile Dysfunction in an alternative, natural way.

1. Garlic. This stinky herb contains an enzyme called Nitric Oxide Synthase, which is a component in aiding things down there. Garlic also contains Allicin, a potent chemical that helps renew a diminishing sex drive. Allicin only activates when eaten raw and crushed. There aren't any side effects with garlic either, unlike Viagra or other erectile dysfunction medicines. It does irritate your digestive tract if eaten too much, however, so take care to eat in moderation.

2. Ginkgo Biloba. This herbal extract helps increase blood to the head, not to mention other parts. The more blood circulates, the stronger the you-know-what. Alternatively, it also has other healthy mental benefits, a great alternative to Viagra. It's usually taken in pill form.

3. Maca Root. Dubbed as Peru's alternative of Viagra, this herb is usually ground, used as an herbal extract in drinks and food. People today use it as an alternative to Viagra and its unwanted side effects. It's not clear why, but maca root boots libido, desire, and erectile capabilities. It goes to work quickly, so men can reap the natural benefits of this herb very, very quickly. Mix it in a smoothie for a yummy alternative to Viagra.

4. Horny Goat Weed. At least they're not subtle about it. Horny Goat Weed is a herb originally used in China thousands of years ago to increase desire and erectile difficulties -- and all of them rave about all the sexual benefits. It's China's alternative to Viagra, but don't expect to eat this. Horny Goat Weed is usually found in capsules in local health food stores.

5. Fo-Ti. Fo-Ti is a traditional Chinese herb used for reversing the old age and of course, reversing impotence. It is eaten raw or applied to the skin. Fo-Ti is found in many Viagra alternatives, but is best eaten alone for maximum effect. Warning: eating Fo-Ti raw has a laxative effect.

These are the best herbal alternatives for treating erectile dysfunction. Instead of reaching for Viagra next time, reach for a healthy herb instead, and reap other benefits.

Dr. Lisbeth Baird D.C. , FIACA

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